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"Kauwila captures the spirit of Hawai'i in his recordings. Smooth and relaxing, Kauwila's music rests your mind and heart and takes you on a gentle journey through the tropical vibrations of the islands.

"Kauwila possesses a powerful voice, a command of Hawaiian vocals, and his soothing slack-key style flows perfectly with the lyrics of Hawaiian music."

"Thank you for producing your beautiful slack key music!" Kathy and Erich, Canada

"We enjoy your relaxed style of slack key...Thank you very much." Fred

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-- Listen to a sample (6 min.) --

"KONA COFFEE MUSIC 2" is an instrumental celebration of the world of Kona coffee. Released at the 40th Annual Kona Coffee Cultural Festival (2010), this music takes you from sunrise over Holualoa, to a dance with the Kona Nightingales (donkeys), past fragrant groves of 'awapuhi (yellow ginger), and, at day's end, to a rest in the cooling ocean waters of Kai'olu, listening to the Kona crickets, while viewing a glorious Kona coast sunset.

"I wanted the music on this CD to sound as if we were sitting together in my home, or under a palm tree. I hope this essence comes through for you as you listen to it, and brings a sense of joy and comfort, like drinking a cup of freshly brewed Kona coffee!

"Dedicated to the Kona coffee farmers, pickers, processors, roasters, those who came from other lands, the 'kupuna' (elders) and pioneers, and all the Kona coffee drinkers in the world who have helped to make Kona coffee what it is today...'Da bestest of da bestest!'"

This CD is a perfect companion to the original Kona Coffee Music.

TRACKS (click to listen to a 30-45 second sample (note, opens new window)):

1. Holualoa Sunrise 2. No Ka Lani (From the Heavens) 3. Kona Coffee Morning 4. Dance of the Nightingales (Donkey Walk) 5. Vibrant Slack 6. Ku'u Lei 'Awapuhi 7. Ku'u Lei 'Awapuhi (wiki) 8. Kai'olu (Cooling Waters) 9. Kona Cricket Nighttime 10. Kona Coast Sunset
(10 instrumentals) (8 original songs) (total play time 55 min.)

Guitar tunings: tracks 2,5,9, open G (Taro Patch); tracks 3,6,7, open F; tracks 1,10, Bb wahine; tracks 4,8, C-wahine

(Note: all music on this page is copyright ©Let Your Joy Shine Productions, and is for personal use only (however, there is no copyright on the level of your enjoyment of it!). It may only be used commercially with the express written consent of the author, Kauwila, and with appropriate reference to this website, or other mutually agreed-upon arrangement)

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