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"Kauwila captures the spirit of Hawai'i in his recordings. Smooth and relaxing, Kauwila's music rests your mind and heart and takes you on a gentle journey through the tropical vibrations of the islands.

"Kauwila possesses a powerful voice, a command of Hawaiian vocals, and his soothing slack-key style flows perfectly with the lyrics of Hawaiian music."

Whale 'Io (Hawai'ian Hawk) Sea Eagle Tiger Wollemi Pine Protista Protozoan

21st June 2009 - Planetary Solstice (www.starchildglobal.com)


"Join us on 21st June for a Global Meditation to hold Light and Love for the Oceans. The Meditation will be led by Celia Fenn in Johannesburg, South Africa and KAI in Tijuana, Mexico. We will be consciously entering into communion with the Cetaceans to create a field of Light for the Oceans of our Planet." Celia Fenn

Anyone who wishes to use the Solstice Cetaceans Meditation music for the solstice on June 21, please click the link(s) below. To read more about this, please click here.

Winter Solstice Marine Animals Meditation Music

(to hear the music, just click the link (opens a new window); to download the music, Windows users right-click the link, then "Save Link As"; Mac users, CTRL-click, then "Save to Disk").

(Note: this meditation is composed of two parts. You may listen to or download each part separately, using these links: Part 1 (chant) (4.5MB), Part 2 (slack key vocal) (12MB), Complete (Parts 1+2) (16.5MB).

Earth Meditations - 2008

Thank you to everyone who participated in these important events, which were intended to assist planet Earth, all aspects of planet Earth, and all beings of planet Earth, in her transformation to higher dimensions. The collected meditations will be available (probably in late October or November) for purchase on a stereo CD compilation from the CDs page, and the individual meditations will be available for purchase as stereo MP3 downloads from the MP3s page.

About the Meditations

The beginning of November, 2007, I heard a "voice". The clear message communicated by this voice was that I was to be the channel to write a meditation music for the winter solstice, in honor and support of the whales. When I communicated this to several of my spiritual contacts (including Anne Matheson of Australia), she responded back that she had "...been working with a number of friends to establish a whale protection grid." She received that this was to be extended throughout the year with a series of meditations, each in support of a different aspect of Mother Earth. These are global meditations to assist Planet Earth and all of her inhabitants in her spiritual ascension journey. The meditation music is below.

If you would like to read more about the process and intentions for each of these meditations, please visit the web site created for these worldwide meditation events, at Create with Nature.

Equinox Meditation...September 22, 2008, 15:44 UTC (Animals of the Microbial World)

This meditation focuses on the animals of the microbial world. The linking being appears to be Pele, Hawai'ian Goddess of Fire (please go to Create with Nature for more information).

Sirius Rising Meditation...July 23, 2008, Sunrise (Plants of the Earth)

From the feedback I received, and according to the music that downloaded, this was a very fun, playful experience. Grids for the plants of the Earth were implanted on 7/17, and the meditation appears to have lovingly assisted in grounding the grids into the planet. In essence, the plants and the Earth were pleased! Kauwila, (July 23, 2008)

This meditation focused on the Plants of the Earth. The linking beings were the trees, specifically, the ancient Wollemi pine (please go to Create with Nature for more information).

Summer Solstice Meditation...June 20, 2008, 23:59 UTC (Animals of the Earth)

This meditation focuses on the Animals of the Earth. The linking beings are the felines, specifically, the tiger (see Create with Nature).

In Hawai'i, the linking being is the Hawai'ian pig, "pua'a", representing the Hawai'ian demigod, "Kamapua'a". The pua'a is known to uproot the soil with his tusks, in search of food. "But as any caretaker of the crops of the earth knows, overturning the soil may help to keep it oxygenated and fertile" (from Mana Cards, Becker and Nardin). Exactly such an overturning of this planet is taking place right now, on many, many levels. More on this later.

"As I heard this music play through me, the chant (Part 1) took my spirit deep into Africa, with voices of elephants, giraffes, deep-voiced beings crying out for new life. Then, a shaking of the Earth (Part 2), and the rain lends its gentle sound, followed by the deep rhythms of the planet, expressed in the regular melody and beat of the guitar and drums of Hawai'i. At the end, the rain has cleared, and again is heard the voice of Africa, voices like I heard singing in 'The Lion King'."

   "See what you hear and where this leads YOUR Spirit!"   Aloha, Kauwila

And pardon to all those living in the Southern Hemisphere, where it is the "Winter Solstice Meditation"! Well, either hemisphere, it sounds just as beautiful!

Spring Equinox Meditation...March 20, 2008, 05:48 UTC (Animals of the Air)

This meditation focused on the Animals of the Air. The linking beings are the eagles. In Hawai'i, the linking being is the Hawai'ian hawk, called the 'Io. The 'io is "...an endemic and endangered hawk...confined to forests on the island of Hawai'i, where it is regarded by some as an 'aumakua [family or personal spirit guide]" (from Hawaiian Dictionary, Pukui & Elbert).

Click here for some photos of this beautiful bird. For more information about the 'io, click here.

Winter Solstice Meditation...December 20, 2008, 06:08 UTC (Animals of the Ocean)

This meditation focused on the Animals of the Ocean. The linking beings are the whales.

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